Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Had been long time no updated my blog..
Recently deeply busy..wat happen to me?curious or 8 ar?watever la..before I forget them better I blogging down..

Kaleidoscope 鼓宴 Jom Jam Drums!! 13+14/6

I watched two shows of them le..but I missed dat ah kok performed d show..aikz..Deafbeat..they can't hear the sound but they still can drumming..they rely on the vibration of drumming and feel the beats..they are admirable..we should learn from them..Hands Gamelan..woh..geng xia..attracted by their make-up..XD..Hands the was not bad but it didn't leave a deeply impression to me..Yu Hua Kajang..performed entanglement..nice xia..Dhol Federation..formed by Sikhs..nice..seldom will watch such performance..


thx ahBoon for treating

学术学艺展 20+21/6
wanna killed me..everyday seem 饥饿30 to my weight still maintained on 50kg!!how could?!could it drop a little bit seen I had no ate for the whole day..(wing,I think I need not wait the 饥饿30 lo..==")
although we were the 1st arriver everyday,we were the last back to home..we came to skul while the day was hadn't dawning,but we back on the day was already dark..tired..nevertheless,it was worth!!well done to my bandmates!! =)
nen nen..good job!!but hor..can u put back our photos?don't try to ask pei yi to help u arr..ask ur Bekham la..
Astro did shoot us playing ensemble!!walao ehh..happy lo..XD
Finally 09 Form6 bandmates were here..taking a family photo la..
I missed the chance to go around the school..I didn't know how best were others societies done..><
oh ya..hapi belated to my hsing!!need not having book-keep's tuition le..=="

dinner time!!
tired gal..yoke+me+zhiying+jiaying I love tis horn's family photo..TT

I was tired but still needed went to skul for shooting mv..erm..quite little of my classmates were coming..many problems came out..but finally we did shoot it..haha..a funny day..miss ting fung tried to stop me to scratch her..haha~but she couldn't stop me!!XD
to ms/mr bla3:明白你所谓的累..我也是很累啊..但是我还是去拍耶..不是要讲我自己伟大..而是觉得毕业短片对我来讲很重要,怎样都滚去学校一趟..其实大家只要把立场改下下,体谅下,问题都可以解决啦..(maggy!!I typed tis in chinese le..don't ignore my blog again la..sad da..TT)

after done my society's stuff then went 新场 to watch the match..I though would have lots of supporters tim..maybe tis was the preliminary match so just fews ppl came..ahDai + ahWing+angel+me+the football players only..we won tis match in easy..but needed keep practise la..6 Art class very geng xia..I did watch them play so I knew it..知己知彼,百战不诒..XD
I'm not 低B mui arr!!><

学艺展前就知道自己最后几名了..一直很担心到底drop了多少..年中考不读书的后果..><..一直有不开心,想到成绩就怕..虽然tripleW请吃啦,却没有让我开心些..moody u know?maggy and tripleW tried to comfort me before but I still had -ve add math,kanasai..==" history,no study la..siz of one and half a dozen of the other..kanasai is driving me crazy..too much!!cuz lazy la..lazy,get away la..I 'll study hard in 2nd semester ..I try la..xP
See剧le..maggy didn't come..I think she like her mui mui character la..all of the actors don't argue ya..get the 1st prize again!!sure u all can do yao le wei..=)

Because of we are the examinees so we can't take part in volleyball match and badminton match..wat's rule is it?then senior group just left Form 4 students take part lo..=="..weird..

交流会 10/7..coming soon..
U know wat is the present dat coach wanted?It's we improve on our skill..I hope we can do so..practise gal and boy..practise make perfect!!rush of time now..hornists..practise more and's helpful..

Hapi belated bufday to:-
hsing :wish u have no pimples la..
fur :get 2nd in claz?geng le..
yi xin :haha..wat u wan o?
eng :I did go ur home and celebrate with u la..satisfied?
ahDai : lemon bufday~
yin ling: lol..didn't celebrate with u tim..but went to KFC and gossip lots jor la..XD
coach mr.Goh: coach sure 'll miss me after I graduated rite?


wing said...

almost everyday is ur famine24 jor^^

Maggie aka MayGee said...

haha..ya lor..XD
but i did eat dinner la..