Saturday, February 27, 2010


Wing's cafe..
I was hanging out with hy..
a nice place
nice environment nice light effect nice voice
but expensive drinks =(
if I paktor,sure i'll go thr..
recommend to all couple..
I like the singers who sang today..
especially the guy-Keon..he got a special vocal,good singing skill..has a bright future..
his partner is his gf la..i forgot wat's her name..@@
through the tv screen,I knew dat Elaine Lee is one of the singers thr..ex-trumpeter
maybe next time i'll meet her..who know?
will ahdai,ahwing and melvin singing thr?
if yes,gv me a msg sure i'll appear thr..
long time i din hear u guys singing..

I like yoga's songs recently..
coincidence,the singer sang his songs..
he said he like yoga also..
when I listened to him,the song,the feeling, again..
very fish if crying there..
besides we sat at center of the cafe..@@
keep asking WHY..actually useless..eventually useless..
wat use I get the answer? nothing i'll..
it's not the time i meet u..

to be frank,i miss u..=(
I watched "大日子" today..
I like the "pakcik" words: 最适合的,总在身边..

shing..wat happen to u?I'm worried..=(
eng..take care..dunno when i'll meet u again..


triplew said...


Lijun aka June said...
check out where's poco locate!
ehya! where's is wing's?
and i found out one place nice too. xD ikopi. Will visit next time! :)

ahYin said...

his partner not his gf la..
his gf was sitting near the window who listened to him..

Maggie aka MayGee said...

ya lo..luckily u brought me thr!
just at metro time dating bring u thr la..

answer is above..
i like the poco..nice name it got..
ikopi?whr is is located?

today din see his gf le..

triplew said...

u promise de lar~ XD

♥ -- | a h ¥ α n ×× said...

没事 =]