Sunday, April 11, 2010


One day, my little sis picked up the phone.
婆婆 who spoke in Hokkien said : 这里是什么人阿? bla bla bla
my little sis stunted. she dunno what should she respond to the aunt. she asked for helping.
Then, her great sis - me sure gave her a hand la.

Me: halo, who are u looking for?
Aunt: 我是北海人啊。你是什么人啊?
Me: 我是福建人啦。我会一点点的福建话。
(lol. i tried to communicate with her by my broken hokkien ==. she used chinese then)
Aunt: 在3号的时候在北海我去喝酒,就把这个电话机下来了。但我忘了是谁的,这里是哪里啊?

( her phone number indicated that she live at KL, 68XXXXXX. she said she was 北海人. Besides, my family din back to 北海 at 3th, how she get my hp? Thus, I firmly believed that she tried to cheat me. Was I alert? hehe. So i tried to cheat her back )

Me: 这里是马六甲啦. 我想你打错电话了。
Aunt: 是阿? 马六甲。是咯。 打错了。
Me: 没关系啦。 掰

诈骗集团。Ya, I thought.
the same phone number called again. this time my daddy picked up phone.
my daddy expert in Hokkien ma. then had a long chat with the aunt.
Fish lo. The aunt was my relative. A long time have no contact geh relative.
I thought too much.
My daddy ngor me after ended the call.
p/s: to ahKuan,u can tell this to coach la. as my compensation k? >
Presentation for first time, I give myself 65% la.
If I could answer tutor's question in well.
If I could word-perfect my speech.
If I could kick the guy out of my group.
I would give myself a higher mark. =(
Yuji ar. don't be nervous la. next time no me jor la.
and hor. don't kacau kacau me when examining. ==
triplew and maggy ar..
i'll find u both after final. which meant 2 weeks later.
I needed a JOB. for May.
oh ya. I cut my hair dy.

你寫給我 我的第一首歌
你和我 十指緊扣 默寫前奏


bieberloves =)


triplew said...

i wana c ur newest photo arr~
gv me gv me~

Maggie aka MayGee said...

don't have la.
i got a Chong hwa looks again. ==

triplew said...

ya mou?
tk a photo la~ XD
u lik justin de a?
leng zai o~~

Maggie aka MayGee said...

ya la.
shorter. lol
i like him!
leng zai and also nice vocal la. XD

triplew said...

bt i love ken mozzzt XD
i wana cut my hair also..
i lik liu hai mozt><

Lijun aka June said...

ok,logan is handsome much! he's handsome than biber soooooooooooooooooooooo much!

Maggie aka MayGee said...

u wanna cut again?
ur hair reli grow faster than i thought.
liu hai ar. a good try ma.
i wan dyed light pink! XD

logan's eyes nice la..
in blue wor.
but. bieber is better!!
'll become justin timberlake lo.

triplew said...

yalo~wana cut in nxt month ba@@
i wasted RM80 for dye hair liao><
light pink wo~
i dun thk u dare XD

Ray said...

lol.. Thx!! =)
(for ur comment)

I have prepared mine day and nite and even midnight..
And did it nicely..
Bt then nt enuf time and the lecturer ask me no nid to present..
很想骂粗口!! said...

haha!kacau kacau~
har? no u? dunwan la,i'll be more nervous thenxD next time presentation, i wan to listen u & yiquan talk about pasar malam again!hah!xD

♥ -- | a h ¥ α n ×× said...

wats wrong wif the guy ?
seems not bad wor him ..

cannot drive far shirrr
wan go melaka de ler =(

ahKuaN said...

i think u more fish than me lerrr.. hahahahaha!!!!

i laugh non-stop..

aiyaaa.. i wont so jin gak geh..
u invite coach to here laaa.. =]

maggy said...

light pink..><
really ya..??
so yeng leh~

Maggie aka MayGee said...

as a new looks for U life lo.
light pink is a big challenge.
maybe u reli see a pink maggie in future. XD

lol. prepared for a long time but can't present at last. =="
next time u be the 1st la.
sure can present. =)
ga yao ar. for ur HK dream~

ya la. kacau me ==
not edy gv u training meh?
breath in and out before presentation la.
u go the psr mlm also then we hv the same topic can chat lo.
a looong psr mlm!

SEEM only ma.
he just a little contribute.

Melaka. my daddy not allow to drive far le. redang no on dy. hope to go M la.
u got solution?

will fish than u meh?
same lvl la.
last time i read ur blog also kept laughing la.
u meant i jin gak la?if he got blogger then i invite him. XD

haha. yeng le.
like lady gaga.
u wan? light yellow. ^^

Ong Soon Leng said...

wah,you so fish lo,n you got cut hair meh??no feel de

Maggie aka MayGee said...

ai ya..reli fish 99..><
nvm la..i think she can't recognize me geh..
i cut jor ar!!2 weeks dy le.. TT

Ong Soon Leng said...

cut little bit need paid rm10,next time i help you cut la,i receive rm8

Maggie aka MayGee said...

i won't cut jor la.
u needed wait a looooong time
if u wan cut my hair, better i cut myself ==

ahkok said...


Maggie aka MayGee said...

boom wat boom? ==