Saturday, May 2, 2009


I got into a road-accident..cause I was not focusing while driving..=(
felt apologise to nennen+ahKuan+kimJun..
let u all got shock and hurt..><..really sorry..

my dearest daddy and mummy..let u both worry me again..
I got hurt on my legs again!!(even the insurance agent asked my parents:"she again?")
most worst was my right leg,had stitched for 10++ needles..
I didn't cry when doctor was stitching for me..I just worried about my car and them..
When I saw my daddy,almost want cried already..cuz felt sorry..
Finally I cried out..when I heard his voice through the phone..
My little kancil got into hospital also..I think I'll be long time no see it..and it may be sold?
All of friends..thanks for caring!!I could feel u all worried about me..touch lo..TT
My phone rang non-stop after the accident..but I want say it clearly here that I didn't get into hospital..=="who spread out the news that I got into hospital?!
Thanks for coming my house and paying visit to me..I was happy to see u all..=)
Now,at least can walk but can't run..
Fortunately,I still alive after the accident..
Mummy and daddy,I won't let u worry me again..I'm promise..

29/4-li jun aka honey:I went school because of your birthday!!touch mou?XD
30/4-wei yang hapi bufday la..I really want made a cake for you..but I don't think I can do that if my leg still like that..I'll make for u next time..

Coming soon =)


MaD_BreN™ said...

leave u a comment lo...but it's nonsense la..wakaka....brendon,was here....byes

Anonymous said...

berhati-hati semasa pandu o~