Saturday, May 30, 2009

My birthday month__May =)

May have a lot of frens yijing+ janice+taoshen+shihui+elaine+mingwei+ahwing++
Included me..a taurus girl..
little bit stubbornness..realistic..
2009 was the last year in ch..last year I would celebrate with u all..><

My dearest hornists came my class to celebrate my bufday..
I like the clazmates said it was nice..XD
I like the PINK colour bear..deeply like..thx weiyang went far away to buy it..
I like the secret cakes..but calories..=="
I hope u all will 生生性性..
After skul had
A memorable meeting ar..
kim jun..wat a good actor..but thx..=)
luckily I didn't stand up and scolded anybody..if not sure very fish..==" mai cheated me hor?
I like u self made card..but I lose it..><..and ur present..
Then went hong2 ate steamboat lo..
yixin+jolian+shing+hsing+ahboon+nennen+kimjun+yoke+kok+me=10 ppl
but lots of food I couldn't eat e.g seafood,egg etc.
They like cooking..maggi goreng,yummy soup,煎水豆腐,crap+++
my lovingly bandmates..thx u all celebrate with me..XD
I lose my file there..many reports lose also..shit..
Ate almost 3 hours..fuhh yoh..full lo..

my ex-classmates came my hse to find me..
little bit dissapointed la..but now ok jor..
thx u all still rmb me..
nemo arr..came from cheras but he was the first person arrived..
kenz+borhan+eng+shun hoe+his gf andrea+nemo+yijing+elaine..=)
at nite le..celebrate with my family..
Just went outside for dinner and ate a cake..
simply but warmth..
Ate 炮兵as supper..
It open til midnite I only knew..

I receveid many wishing msgs from my frens..thx a lots..suprise when I received them..
huili+june+kok+shunhoe+ahqing+ahyin+sj+jiayin+mingwei+maggie tan+andrea+shing+muncheng+daoshen+yijun+borhan+ahboon+ahdai+ahwing+muyi++la..

My presents..
Suprise from liJun
reli had a big suprise when I received ur "present"..XD
Mascara by shing+hsing+philo
I'll try to learn make-up la..I'll go shopping with u all next time..I'll try to not keep fit..I'll try to change my looks..
Umbrella by shing+hsing+philo+exyne
A unique umbrella..0% alchoholicity..aikz..not pink colour tim..
Pink alien by hornists
I deeply like it because gift by u all and it pink colour too!!
2 birthday cards by my class 6A1,hornists..
Poster by ruiying..
haha..u knew I like 金贤重 so u bought it to me..=)
手链by exyne..
pink colour also le..haha~
A lion..=)
will it bite me?hope it won't..I don't wan get hurt..

Again..Thank you..
Finally..I'm a 18 years old girl..^^
Oh call attention to my frens..Ur bufday month can get free buffet from neway!!not once,but u can go many times u wan!!
a great news rite..XD

Hapi belated birthday to ELAINE..I missed the lunch with u..sorry..
朋友 姐妹都已不够来形容 老婆 XD


mC said...

nobody leave comment leh~i wan 2 b the 1st de^^haha~hapy burfday ya^^hope u ll like "them"(the presents)very much leh~actually wan 2 giv u a memoriable burfday celebration but...haiz~but hope u r happy tat we all have done 4 u~=)

Maggie aka MayGee said...

haha..i reli like them la..
thx gal..
last year with u jor le..
sure i'll miss u..
just left 6 months..TT