Monday, July 13, 2009

First post for July

8/7 See剧比赛
My classmates' acting skill were "prabo"!!touching when I watched it..
ahWing act a drunk daddy + The best actor
Junli act a great mummy + The best actress T.T
shimin act a elder daughter who wish has a home,protect mummy always..can cry in 3secs..
wenpei act one of the daughters..
maggy act a youngest daughter who was only 5 year-old + The cutiest actress XD
samuel as a doctor who like to steal the show..=="
zhen2 as nurse + DJ..sound good!!
chan as a teacher who like others to know she is teaching..
hekang as a director of this drama..
Team's name :dui1 dui2 dui3 dui4
Drama's name: Dreamed.Home The best drama
6aZhong : The best fans!! =)

10/7 Class football match
woh..I watched 3 matchs after skuling..6A1-3 d..kept screming..we all done well,we won!!but unlukily,we 'll meet in the next match..6a2 vs 6a3..6a1 vs 6s1..I hope my class 'll win again..XD..maggy and me got 2 soya bean from the match le..haha~shin me 2 soyas asap la..playing basketball after watching my class' match..yes!!got 3 or 2 soyas from omg..kam mou still owed me 1 soya 5 soyas I'll get..XD
6aZhong : The best football players..but we needed more crazy fans!!come on boys and girls,let's scream!!

I collided my car again on sat..nen2..a design of my car?speechless..=="
My daddy hurt his hand..I saw the blood..kept bleeding..
I'm scared..worried..
My lovingly must be ok..
I watched "PS I love You" on astro..a nice and touch movie..

文静 生日快乐

p.s I love you


Shiη☆ said...


Maggie aka MayGee said...

lol..i did cheat u meh?

mC said...

thx ya~
my dear leader~
i noe smt unhappy happened in my b'day~i'm "tuo shuai"~hehe~
dun giv up n believe tat all sadnest ll b over~
all the best 4 u^^

thank you~muuakzz=)