Sunday, April 5, 2009

Panting day 3/4

Unlukily,my school wanted to take back OUR BAND ROOM..TT..we just possessed band room for fews months and now we need to say buai buai to it..We decorated the band room became beautifully,posted the photos there and here,tidied up and cleaned it,hang up the certificates of merit e.g IOI Mall contests,Festival of Winds etc..but now,my school ordered us move out in a short time!!TT
So,we were ordered move to next room..a smaller room..just beside our bandroom now..(oops,it will become ex-band room soon)..we needed painting the new band room I didn't want paint,I chose went home after skul..but kim jun la..he said he wanted paint a wall of them then he only back..=="..As a good driver,ok lo..I helped him to paint also tim..(as a start,they were arguing over what colur should they paint..childish?No,i think this are my cutie bandmates..^^)not long afterwards,ahYoke came to help also..but they called her as 新的外劳(p/s:旧的外劳为exyne,in charge of 铺报纸)..==" charm,bully by u all..mun cheng also bully by nen2 and ahBoon la..they said she was very stupid..(in fact,her painting skill..XD)..they said ahYoke stupid than mun cheng lo..oh was pity..(erm,her painting skill has lots of improve area..)..
ahBoon+mun cheng+nen nen

kim jun used a looong stick to help him paint..yi chan and wan yi..=)

Jie min was painting her green clour wall..=)

Then..we kept painting..1730 gua..finally we finished painting..they played the paint..their legs,faces,even shirt also became dirty..u could touch my face or wat la..just keep away from my uniform..=)..we went out to buy soya bean.."Bloong..bloong"..."tik tik tik.."..."Blah blah blah.."raining cats and dogs..shit whether..we all became dripping-wet..fortunately,I brought sport uniform came to school..changed cloth lo..while they were drinking,chatting and waiting their cloths dried..I phone with a stupid saying I was a stupid dump..cheh..><

Thanks to us who were coming dat day..chan +yung hao(a pair?)+mun cheng+jie min(she liked green colour much!!)+kim jun+nen2+hong fung+wan yi+hui li(although just painting the small part..xD)+yi xin+ahYoke+ahBoon+me..=)..
I do miss u,band room..=(

They were washing their legs and hands..advise to shing:Don't imagine how they wash when u are rinsing ur mouth..

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