Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This two days...

6/4 Monday 男生八强篮球赛
I espected my class would win today..However,out of my expectation..we lost..><
wei hong very angry hor..I think what angered he were the rule and the class..like what u told me,it just a match,right?jia xiang and yong xiang..woh..both of you VERY TALL!!ahWing arr..so geng..you are fascinating when you playing basketball..XD..he kang aka 车神 la..de hao,not bad..cuz an qi thr?and bla bla bla..lazy want blogging down..

7/6 Tuesday
Raining heavily today morning..not jogging cuz tis reason..actually it already stopped when I arrived school..ha ha..lazy..became fat and fat now..charm la..who are sitting behind me,Danny said:"Eh,you became fat jor le.."..shit,he tried to stimulating me with his word..I need control myself now..46kg seem far away from me..COME BACK,my dream's weight..TT..
p/s:ahKok..u really naughty now..Janice arr..help me to "beat up" him..><
I'm happy today..every thing going smoothly..XD

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