Thursday, April 16, 2009

sushi SUSHI = high calories!!


I was eating sushi at Sushi King yesterday..treated by other..thanks ya,汉奸..=)..coincidently,school was off early,we were free and most important was today was Sushi King's members card day!!so we decided went there..But already 5.30pm when we arrived..Met many chong hwa students and friends at Jusco eg xie hui and maggy..Although we just ate 14 plates of sushi,them already satisfied my hunger..Why boys would have 洁癖?Couldn't share water,couldn't eat others 口水 eg eat others ice-cream or dishes and etc..Or I 太随和?lol..It won't make a girl pregnant..I don't know how can maggy eat 20++ plates last time..=="..them back lur..many homework haven't do yet..argh!!I almost died la..~~ fat jor fat jor..TT..

p/s to 汉奸:you can do the essay la..sorry lo..I won't accuse you again,汉奸..=)

the word u should say to me but not me say to you.. =)

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