Monday, March 30, 2009

0329 中华行义跑

Yesterday was CH jogathon..but it was as 义跑 la..whatever,it's not important..I regarded this jogathon as a test to me..seen I had jogging for long time..I was droving there..ahKok taught me last night and I could memorize it=)..but we arrived lateness..however it hadn't start yet..=="

My band was separated to two was for fun but another for places..I didn't know who were in the entertainment group but I'm sure they would have fun..As might be expected,I was in places group..6km le..quite long..It was be equal to 15 rounds of school..hsing was running fast at beginning,but she was no energy to continue on the half way..ahYan ran with her badminton society's members..ran fast also..I ran with mc la..on the way,we saw many band's members..why you all were just walking?=="..I saw the trumpeter also..shit..SO TALKATIVE..until I beh tahan..keep away from me please..I would die on ur words..talking non-stop..and some more my classmates..

Finally I arrived the finished line..I got 12th!!not bad also..but I hope I could get 10th or above,could get trophy and HAMPER!!aikz..ahYan got 9th le..mcheng got 17th..ying nu got wei got 35th..wei hong got the 1st again..not surprised really a unusual runner..kenz got 17th..bang xing got 30++ gua..(thx for treating me a Pao..)senior boys had big competitive,because whom were from the school team were running so fast..their steps were quickly and could a normal guys chased them? so nen and kimJun try next time la..running every day and you might be have the chance to get the prize..

100 plus really knew the times to earn,I should say to ROB money..just a small cup of 100plus it cost RM0.50,a bottle of 1L 100plus cost RM5..they were rob open and abovebroad..shit..when the time to present prize,I found I only got 23th in the race..many of us who were 10-19 gua were wrong arranging..who got 21st became the 10th..=="..who got the 10th really unfortunately,I think she only got 20++ as me and she missed her hamper..=X..It was a pity got 30++ le..what did the teaches doing huh?! classmates shouted for me when I got the medal..thx for u all shouting..we throw up wei hong le..XD

We went to Kepong after that..eating lunch at Metro Prima..Nen had bought a is quite meaningful..wait nen finished reading and see what comments he has la..
I got it!!XD


Secret said...

yoyo,can u just use the simple colour??
too colourful liao, be a simple gal la,
today i hit ur blog liao,haha,
guess who m I??
gambateh la u, 12th,
same place wit me in yue ye~
Do u miss me??

Maggie aka MayGee said...

u mean the word ya?
i like my blog become colourful..
It's a colourful blog but not simple..=)
could get 12th in yue ye dat mean u could run fast..
but i still couldn't guess hu u are..=X