Friday, March 20, 2009

A cute story by Mr.Hew

Mr.Hew told us a story ytd..he said when he studied university,he had a great English teacher and she was approximate to 70++ years old..although already 70++,she still very conjugal love with her husband(her husband is a History professor)..when her husband had no class,he would go to his wife class and sit behind to listen to she teaching..after class he would lead her by hand and go back home..=)sweet le..In spite of they already old,their love are still the same now as when they were younger..
Mr.Hew really dislike Malay..”不是我们不爱国,是你们导致我们不爱国的..”

Mammy ar..please don’t satisfaction to my SPM results..I will do better in need not give me any money as results were a gift to you..=)

Ehh..绑牙’s frens..any suggestion to me if I want to do so?e.g go where+how much+bla bla bla..

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