Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy week

A busy week arr..busy for 313 performance..Few accidents I should blogging it down.. claz basketball match(girl) was lost..aikz..It was a pity..But we all were enjoy ourselves in this match,weren't we?
Secondly..SPM results was came out already..I cried..I was not satisfaction of my results..My results might be good for some one,but not me..aikz..dissapointed+sad..Ekon ar..why u couldn't get A?I would be happier if u did..but if only it and only if..Felt better after had u all comforted me..thx ya..
p/s: Welcome my friends back from NS hell!!miss u all..Espeacially Elaine la..TT
Thirdly..Founding 90th anniversary of Chong Hwa..although the really date is on 0321,we had shift to 0313 to celebrate..A brilliant show!!"Formula" looks happy le..=)..good tried~Bandmates..u all sure tired le..even I myself also couldn't bear it..lots of homework waiting me..
Forthly..Skul holidays is now on!!although we are just have 1 week..Planning go Genting??I'm not sure I want go dat lo..I want go Ipoh..I dun want stay at KL..><..I dun want be a good little girl la..

Hsing + Me(omg..I need to cut my lion hair asap!!)

Hui Li+me(It might be the last time she bcum our conductor..) Philo + me ( face become bigger when took pic wif u..==") Shing + me (Become more friend in this year~~=)..)
Yi xin + me(clazmates=bandmate too..)
Jing + me(my dearest hornist..^^)


Hsing said...

lalala !!
coming ~!!!!

can i know why the photo will like that geh ==

Maggie aka MayGee said...

ehh..cuz took by front camera gua..
better u ask the phone but not me..=)

Hsing said...

hahaha ~ okie
send me when on9 okie?

do you still rbmr befor *on9* . wht verb should be put in front of ??

Maggie aka MayGee said...

ok la..i think send u through bluetooth is faster than msn send la..

i tried to find the *on9* back..but i couldn't find it le..