Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Student Exchange with CBN

La la la..
Ytd exchange with SMK Convent Bukit Nanas..erm..I had not high expectation in this exchange on beginning and I could use the word boring to describe it.I taught them using my ability and I hope you could learn sth from us,didn't you?omg..I really didn't know one of the hornists was the president!!I just knew it at eleven o'clock..=="..fortunately I was treated them not bad oso..=)..
But this exchange had a few unexpected incidents..UMA la..shit restaurant.."Jalan kaki" shir?!stupid."Dunno whr is ur skul"stupid..u dunno whr is Chong Hwa?How long u had been business?! LOL..do business without talking about credit?!
Finally they back by 3pm..quite early..I spoke English for the whole exchange..I already tried my best la..hope u all could understand what I mean..=)..we were eating the kuchen after they gone..curry-puff not bad la..another two,speechless..
Ha ha..a nice song recommended by Victoria..she heard from the UK website..the song's name "Fuck You",sang by Lily Allen..I couldn't stop laughing when I heard that..The melody quite nice la..really~the chorus part:"F**k you (f**k you) F**k you very very much Cause we hate what you do and we hate your whole crew So please dont stay in touch"..It's about someone she hated and use this song as complaint gua..I recommended to you all too..^^
My baby horn still at skul le..hasn't repairing..coach said he would take it to Yamaha to repair..I think I'll have few months won't see my baby..TT..come back soon ya..It's time to let my dearest hornists to grow up..
Wakaka..going Genting on Wed le..although I dunno i can go anot la,it sure a thrillers trip!!Hope we can play heartily~~~=)

Lily Allen-It's not me,It's you

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