Thursday, March 19, 2009

Genting trip with my bandmates..18/3 =)


Finally our Genting trip was held successfully..this planning was always a failure but now it is a success ..But neve rmind it for it's better than not..=) compensate that I didn't pass up my Genting Trip as my free writing,I want blogging down what were happen that day..

As a start,I was going to fetch Nen nen + Kim jun+ Yoke+June+ ah Boon la..they were crowded my kancil with themselves..we were very exited on the way going Titiwangsa..kept singing and bla bla~We went to Titiwangsa to meet yi xin and she would lead us to the Terminal speechless about her grandma's driving skill..=="

Then,we arrived yo yo..why you 3 persons came there late ar?we missed our bus which would start at 0815..but nvm la..we were went out for fun,it was ok la..=)..they wore my specs for taking photos..fu yoh~nice le..espeacially wore by ah Boon and nen la la..time flies~1 hour was gone and was the time we taking bus to Genting!!
After that we taking Genting Skyway..continue our Genting journey..yes.we arrived at 10am++!!!Kept taking photos since we got down from the skyway..=)..we would take photos in any 3km after we had walk..after changed the tickets into admission tickets,we were put our stuff into lockers..Playing time!!
Firstly,we played the game which was nearest to us,Spinner..Needed line up le..loooooong lo..but it was worthy!!=)we screaming without no reason..while playing we kept singing..It was as warm up to us..
Secondly,we played the Cyclone..It was one kinds of roller coaster but just for 4 people once..line up again..looooong too..finally it was our bit shocked me but still ok la..ha ha..while Kim jun and I was forgot who with him,they were waved to us and they dropped down in a sudden..I think they sure had a big shocked..

Thirdly,lunch time!!fortunately we bought lunch at the bus station..omg..Genting restaurants sold every thing doubly expensive..shit..a cup noodle cost RM4..a bowl noodle cost RM5.50!!thus,to who are planning go Genting next time,rmb bring ur lunch too..we were eating nasi lemak as lunch but we still eat fast play~~

Forthly,Pirate Ships!!we met two GIRLS who are smoking yeng?as trend?I really hate who are smoking..><..we couldn't sit the last row so we just sat where was empty..shouted purposeless again..shuang~

Fifthly,Space Shot!!omg..I couldn't imagine why I dare to play it..Felt nervous when we were lining up..It needs 11 secs to drop down while it hanging on the top..nen and boon sat the same side with me..we still singing when the space shot was getting higher by and by.."I believe I can fly,I belive I can touch the sky...回忆过去,痛苦的相思忘不了..."I held boon's hand tighly and you can imagine how nervous I'm.."Fong..."just a sudden..finished playing lo..Actually it was not scary and terrifying like I imagine..Dun miss it frenz!!
6th station,we wanted play roller coaster actually..but it was closed..we choose playing Bumber Boat..It was such as Bumber Car but it was on the water..while we were lining up,ah Yan + June +Boon+me were going toilet and buying ice-cream..ha ha..eating ice-cream at Genting le..although it was expensive,it fulfill shing+ June and my utilities la..=)..we back to BB thr after buying ice-cream..after 40 mins finally turning us..It was easier control than I imagine..they were planning to bump against me jeans was wet at last..we were blocking a tourist too..we though he was the worker thr but actually he not..I think he also had fun with us..
7th station,we were playing Sungai Rejang Flume Ride seen Rolling Thunder Mine Train was closed..while we were lining up,we played the game named "Wei Mie Har",it was a interesting least it helped us to kill time..then we played singing again..we were not simple sang but singing chord+Stand by Me with dub in rythm..ya,we were absolutely band members!!It just could carry 3 person once,so we needs to play separately..I was sitting with June and B.J..ha ha..had fun with you both!!We tried to hold the boat to slow down so we could wait the boat whom behind us..taking lots of photos too..after finished playing,we were singing again at the way to next station..A rare incident was happen..we saw a boat was coming and the passenger was taking an umbrella..he tried to protect himself and his son from wet..but un fortunenately,the momentum was too high and the umbrella was broken..a humorous circumtances lo..(but he tried to protect his son although the umbrella was broken,his has parental love!!)
8th station..we hope could play the roller coaster but unlucky it closed on 6pm!!we arrived thr in time la..but it closed on time..><..we had no energy and stopped there taking photos again..some of us was playing the game near thr..they had change few dokens to play yor..couldn't get any prize although the game seem easy..
9th station..Pirates Ships again!!la la la..we could sit the last row!!hallow in low+singing wei yang class d “路边第一棵…路边第二棵…”..yoke pity to you..let them focus and focus to the photo..==” all arr..reli impolite to an elder..
10th station..taking our stuff and going back lo..taking photos again and again..I had bought some plums which I like to eat..taking skyway again and we separated to two were percussionists another one were brass..we took our dinner while we waiting the bus..I made a hot choc..but you all like to eat choc powder da..==”..0815pm lo..eating snaks in the bus..we saw lots stars!!a nice view..=)

Fetched them back and I reached my home on 10pm++ lo..felt tired..when turns u all fetch me back ar?I enjoy the Genting Trip!!remember give me the photos ASAP la..I want wash it out le.. this day would be in my beautiful memory as we had happy time there..
I has typed this blog for 2 and half hours le..same as your free writing rite?=)we all get sun burn le..take care u all..

Genting trip members: Hsing + ah Yan + Nen nen +ah Boon + baby Jolian+Yoke+Kim Jun+Yi Xin+Mun Cheng+June+Maggie!!


Hsing said...

lalalalalal !!!
walau !!!
long dao bao la deng !
i use up 10minutes to finish it
hahahaha ~~
happy leh
happy dao bao la deng !!!!
k la
k la
i will update soon . but not now ==
you know la
bc dao bao la deng !!!!
deng !!!!!
why dont have photos gah !!!!!!!!!


Baby^Girl said...

Looks fun ./.
now school holiday so many ppl .
last time we go .. no ppl lo !
wahaha .. so jeng !
and then .. the Sungai Rejang ..
Umbrella i saw.. but no broken de la..
We saw lagi geng de..
Is a people take plastic bag ...
and then hor .. the Plastic bag fly away .. only stupid ! wahahah

Maggie aka MayGee said...

photoSSSS arr..lazy want upload la..wait i collec all the photos 1st la..choose the essence from them..=)

lol..taking plastic bag shir?did u take any photo or video?we did le..maybe upload at Utube..XD
wei wei..when u 'll back to m'sia again?
we go thr together la..
sure more more fun!!