Sunday, March 15, 2009

I hurted you..horn..><

We were washing instrument yesterday..tired le..Even the scores had not finished tidy up..still needed meeting..==".. My baby horn..I was hurting you..but u no need worry ya..I'll send u repairing on Mon!!Trust me..although I don't know the way to Istana Budaya,I'll try to ask some one bring me go..
p/s to my bandmates:You all will have suprise when u see our band room!!
Goin pasar malam at nite..ate lots of foods..wah sai..i think i had 暴食症lo..sei la><..fatter le..a good proverb I saw in my dictionary com:Live not to eat,but eat to live~=)
Tmr 'll hv exchange wif CBN..but I reli moody..><

Planning go where in this holidays..Ipoh?Melaka?Genting?..wei u promise..I won't stay at KL u remember mou?><..Bor Han arr..I'm waiting ur holidays planning..Eng arr..can u be our driver?Kok and Janice to go with us?Kenz arr..I dun1 go Setapak d hot spring le..Hsing arr..Genting trip still going on?
I love horn..But I deeply love u all hornist,don't u?

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