Sunday, March 29, 2009

16 强篮球赛

My class was got in to the 16 强篮球赛 le..boys again..=)
Last Fri my school off on was because all teachers had training class..after school,康乐组were busy tidied up the photos..from 2007-2009 we already finished arranging..we become efficient lo..although we did them at the eleventh hour,better than last time we didn't do right?=)
Finally we done it on 1530,so I left them and went to 新场 to see my class basketball match..but I arrived there lateness..they were competed with 5Sxin for the second half of the match..My class boys' basketball level are out of my expectation..we were leading them 6 points..As expected,we won..=) all played in fabulously!!ahWing+ ahZhuang+heKang+deHao+weiHong+jiaXiang+some more la..well done..hope we can win in semi-final and get champion also..^^ ..ahBoon le..lose jor tim..aikz..but I bought you soya jor la..we should set a rule that who overage couldn't take part in the match la.. =="

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